The Professional Couriers Virudhachalam

The Professional Couriers Virudhachalam
The Professional Couriers Virudhachalam

The Professional Couriers has grown and placed itself as an ultimate service provider in the Courier Industry in India with its assurance of 29 years expertise. The Professional Couriers Virudhachalam We have already registered our presence with our exclusive and largest network in the courier and express industry in India. We have created bonds among all around us and with the company by valuing the one-to-one relationship. We aim at doing things differently to create a revolution in the customer service to keep all of us smiling with satisfaction.

The beginning : 1986 – A year of glory for the Directors of this company because it was the year in which they were united and ventured in to Courier Business.

The Professional Couriers (TPC) was incorporated on 1st November 1987. The founders were young, qualified and could have sought employment anywhere. But they were made of different stuff. They decided that they should build their own fortunes with their own hand and had visions of creating an organization, which could provide employment to thousands of youngsters, like them but perhaps with lesser chances of being winners in the rat race. This is a daring venture indeed, but they jumped headlong into it. Thus was born TPC with a purpose.

The Octo Professionals : The eight Directors of this company had a high ideology of excellence in service and employment creation for the young and ambitious, thus a company was born with an ideology of Rural Employment & Rural Empowerment.  In its infant stages TPC was nurtured with tender care by them. This involved a great sacrifice choosing a road full of obstacles while one with clear passage, routine though was gaping at them, tempting them to take. Those were also the days when the concept of courier was pretty vague. Therefore they had to pioneer a path for their organization – TPC and impart to it a culture of its own with an accent on ethics and excellence.

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No. 709-A,
Junction Road,
Tamil Nadu 606001
Phone04143 260 310
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