Jawahar Science College Neyveli

Jawahar Science College Neyveli
Jawahar Science College Neyveli

Jawahar Science College, a co-educational institution was started under the care of the prestigious Jawahar Education Society.

Pandidt Jawaharlal Nehur insisted on the development of Science & Technology. As a step to bring his dreams into reality, the college was named after him and it was decided to start several job oriented courses. The college started functioning with a student strength of 120. Honourable Minister, Shri P.Chidambaram inaugurated this college on 18-10-1987.

Over the period of years the college has steadily grown into a big institution with various courses and around 1500 students. Thecollege never collects any capitation fee and strictly follows the rules of reservation as stipulated by the Government of Tamilnadu.

The college functions between 9.00 a.m and 2.30 p.m. The college functions in a spacious building with all facilities and infrastructure in a 40 acres sylvan site in Block-14, Neyveli. Since its inception in 1987, the students of our college have been regularly bagging several university ranks.

Though academic excellence is the primary aim of the college, it also aims at good contact and disciplined behaviuor of the students. Our college students excel in sports arena in the state and national level.

With the able guidance of Chairman-Cum-Managing Director, NLC Ltd., & Chief Patron of Jawahar Education Society, the Directors of NlC Ltd. and Patrons of JES, the President, members of the JES, the members of the college committee and the devoted team of teaching staff, there is bright chance for Jawahar Science College to be in the top of the list of excellent colleges.



In order to achieve academic excellence, the following steps are taken:


Experts in specified subjects are invited to give guest lectures on important topics.


Students are sent on study tours for the purpose of enhancing their knowledge and to gain practical know-how of their subjects. Students of Business Administration make educational trips to companies and corporations in and around Tamil Nadu to gain first-hand knowledge of administrative techniques and management intricacies.


Students of Computer Applications, Computer Science, Environmental Management and Business Administration are assigned Project work which affords them an opportunity for displaying their originality and research ability.


The college boasts of well-equipped Computer Labs with a sufficient number of latestcomputers for the benefit of students.


There is a college library with nearly 30,000 valuable books on different subjects. Apart from this, the library also subscribes to dailies and periodical magazines.


The Thiruvalluvar University-Vellore has introduced ”Choice Based Credit System”(CBCS) for all the UG & PG Courses from the academic year 2008-2009. Tests are conducted periodically for assessing the ability of the students for the Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA).


  1. TESTS:

Other tests are conducted in the first quarter of the academic year to identify the weak students, which enable teachers to coach the students specially for writing the university exams. The question papers are set in the university examination pattern, so as to train and familiarize the students to take the exam without fear. The results are intimated to the parents periodically, so that they may also guide their wards.


A Modern English Language Lab with authorized BBC-English Man’s English resource materials withexcellent Air-Conditioned 70 seater arrangements. Easy to learn cordless Headphones, large screen LCD TV, LCD Projector for visual theatre, loaded with graded training system. Eminent faculty to train students in all Accents and communication.


Every student is advised to take pains to perform well in the exams, attend classes regularly as well as maintain good conduct within the college premises. If a student is found to be unruly or indisciplined, necessary punitive action will be taken by the Principal.


“College Council” consisting of all Heads of the Departments, Director of Physical Education and College Librarian, will meet, as and when required, to discuss academic matters, discipline among students and other related issues.


Extra-Curricular activities are essential ingredients in the education of every student. They widen the horizon of the student, enrich his personality and illumine the innate abilities. Every college should provide multiple opportunities for the students to display their talents.Under the aegis of the fine arts club, our college regularly conducts dance and drama competitions to identify the abilities of the students. Departments of Tamil and English Conduct Essay competitions. Quiz competitions, elocution competitions, Poem Composing Competitions etc., in the respective languages to improve the language skills of the students. Seminars are conducted by the staff of all major departments and students are encouraged to present papers on multifarious topics. Students are also encouraged to participate in inter-collegiate and Inter-University competitions.

The college arranges guest lectures by experts and specialists in various subjects periodically, so that the students may become conversant with the recent advancements in the field. Enthusiastic students are sent for participation in science work-shops and educational camps, where their special abilities might find the right guidance and motivation.

The college boasts of two N.S.S Units, which regularly take up several welfare projects for the poor people in and around Neyveli. Other welfare clubs offer a wide range of welfare activities thereby channelizing the energy of the students in the path of public welfare. They take up various projects like traffic guidance, donation of wheel chairs to the disabled, organization of personality development camps for students etc. YRC conducts a blood donation camp every year.




Each student is provided with one identity card. Students should keep the card safely till they complete their course in the college. In order to receive the Hall Ticket, Library Tickets, Calendar, etc., the students have to produce the identity card.


All the Vehicles (cycles, scooters, mopeds, and motor cycles) have to be parked in the Vehicle stand. Parking vehicles in the college portico is not allowed. Students must take care to lock their vehicles properly. Vehicles should not be decorated with costly and easily removable items. Books, Tiffin carriers etc., should never be left with the cycles/vehicles. Only those who have driving licence can come with motor cycles etc.


A canteen is available for the students and staff of the college. Students are permitted to avail the facility during prescribed timings only.


Attendance shall be taken during every lecture and practical classes.

No student shall be absent without applying leave. Application for leave must be given in writing through the concerned HOD in advance.

In case where the absence is due to unforeseen cause, the student must produce the leave letter on the first day of his/her return to the college.

Absence of one or more periods in the forenoon session or in the afternoon Session will be calculated as half-a-day absence each.

It is the duty of the parents to contact the Principal, Vice-Principal and HODs at least once in a month to find out the progress and attendance position of their wards.

The Annual Certificate of attendance required for the University examination will not be granted unless:

  1.   Principal is satisfied that the student’s progress and conduct have been satisfactory.
  2. The student has attended three fourth of the number of working days prescribed by the university.


Ragging of any kind/magnitude inside/outside the college campus is prohibited, according to the Ordinance, promulgated by the Governor on 18.12.1996 for the state of Tamil Nadu. (Tamil Nadu Ordinance No.10 of 1996).

According to the clause (1) of the Article 236 of the Constitution the Governor has promulgated the following.


In this ordinance/unless the context otherwise requires, Ragging means (definition) display of noisy, disorderly conduct, doing any act which causes or is likely to cause shame or embarrassment to a new student in any educational institution and includes

  1. Teasing/abusing of playing practical jokes on or causing hurt to such student,


  1. Asking the new student to do any act or perform something which such student will not in the ordinary course willingly do.

Whoever commits, participates, abets or propagates ragging within or outside any educational institution shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years and shall also be liable to fine which may extend to ten thousand rupees.

The decision of the Head of the educational institution or the person responsible for the Management of the educational institution shall be final.


The students of Jawahar Science College shall conduct themselves in such a way as to bring credit to themselves and thereby maintain the good name and fame of the college.

As a mark of respect, culture and courtesy, they shall greet their teachers and friends at their first meeting of the day. Late comers shall contact the Principal and he will issue a permission slip if he is satisfied with the reasons. Habitual late comers will be fined dearly.

All circulars will be put on the notice board. Students should cultivate the habit of looking at the Notice Board every day.

Representation, Complaints and grievances, if any may be made to the Principal through the HOD. As per rule No. 97 of Tamil Nadu Government Educational Rules, the Principal is empowered to impose fine, withhold attendance certificate, suspend and expel a student, if considered necessary.

The following are strictly forbidden. Any violation of these rules will result in dismissal / suspension from the college or other severe punishments.

  1. Any kind of wild, noisy and disturbing behaviours/celebrations in the campus.
  2. Smoking in the campus.
  3. Possession / use of cellular phones within the campus.
  4. Possession/use of drugs, alcohol or peddling of drugs in campus or anywhere else.
  5. Racing of vehicles or use of vehicles with defective silencers or parking the vehicles outside the parking area in the campus.
  6. Loud and noisy consultation, discussion and animated conversation inside/in the neighborhood of the college/general library during the college working hours.
  7. Any kind of misconduct/misbehavior inside/outside the campus (in public places, buses, etc.)
  8. Causing damages to college/public properties.
  9. Loitering in the college corridor.
  10. Wearing unclean/indecent/irrespectable clothing.
  11. Bringing outsiders to the college.
  12. Any rude act or misbehavior with the staff of the college.


Every student is expected to be in simple and modest formal dress. Girls are expected to be either in saree or half-saree with sleeved blouse or churidar or salwarkameez with sleeved long kurtha with duppatta. Boys are expected to come in full pants with bush shirt. T-Shirt, Round neck T-Shirt with or without any message, jeans pant are not allowed.


The academic year is divided into two semesters. The first semester commences from the re-opening of the college after the summer vacation and continues up to the middle of November and the second semester begins from the end of November till the summer vacation begins.

  1. Every student shall be liable to pay the whole fees for each semester as long as his/her name is on the rolls of the college.
  2. The fees should be paid on the date indicated in the College Calendar.
  3. If a student leaves the college during the semester he / she shall have no right to claim remission of any portion of the semester fees.
  4. Students who do not pay the fees on or before the last date indicated shall pay a fine as may be imposed by the Management.
  5. The names of students who do not pay the prescribed fees on or before the last date will be struck off from the rolls.
  6. Fee defaulters will not be permitted to write the University Examinations


  • Three Terminal Examinations and One Model Examinations will be conducted in each semester.
  • Students must take all the examinations without fail.
  • The results of these examinations will be displayed on the notice board periodically.


Parents and Guardians are requested to co-operate with college authorities in the formation of good character, in maintaining regularity in attendance and progress in studies of their children / wards. Attendance of students is available at the college office. Warning letters will be sent to parents of the students who are irregular in attendance. At the same time, Parents and Guardians are advised to check in person with HODs/ Vice-Principal regarding the character and attendance of their children/wards.

Jawahar Science College Neyveli Contact

Jawahar Science College
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Fax 04142-265814
Email principal@jawaharsciencecollege.org

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