DTDC Courier Virudhachalam

DTDC Courier Virudhachalam
DTDC Courier Virudhachalam

DTDC Courier Virudhachalam DTDC envisages to be a Rs.5000 Crore valued enterprise by 2020.

To achieve this mission, the company has adopted the following key initiatives:

  • Promoting Premium Express Products for better customer satisfaction and higher profitability
  • Value-added services to cater to evolved demands of customers
  • Continuous optimization of resources to lower costs scientifically
  • Revenue protection at every step of the value chain
  • Superior cash flow management

DTDC and its management are focusing on establishing the following foundational blocks:

  • Track record of strong quarterly results
  • Strong brand image through phased re-branding of all company and franchise outlets
  • Corporate governance
  • Statutory disclosures
  • Better public relationship
  • An inclusive business philosophy
  • Management integrity
  • Future growth plans
  • Past and current profits

DTDC Courier Virudhachalam Contact Details

No 3 KMT Building,
Bunglow Street,
Cuddalore – 606001

Phone: 9842012139

Website: http://www.dtdc.in

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